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  • Valve Body Casting Parts

    Valve Body Casting Parts

    Right angle valve body Product Description Good Quality Valve Parts With Material of Brass, Copper , aluminum bronze, C95800 etc. Good Quality and Price with on time delivery. Why Dongao Nonferrous Casting: 1. 30 years of experience in casting and precision machining. 2.. OEM...Read More

  • Wafer Check Valve Body

    Wafer Check Valve Body

    The function of valve body: 1. Switch type:The inside coil of the battery valve is energized by a certain current or voltage, and then the internal needle valve or ball valve is driven to displace, thereby blocking or opening the oil way, which mostly is used to control the...Read More

  • Ball Valve Body Casting

    Ball Valve Body Casting

    Ball valve boby The function of a small valve on the ball valve body is: Decompression, that is, to control the pressure in the ball valve body through the control of the valve. Product Description 1. Materials: American standard-compliant materials tin bronze/aluminum...Read More

  • Double Suction Impellers

    Double Suction Impellers

    The double suction impeller absorbs the water from both sides. It has the absorption capacity and basically can eliminate the axial thrust. The large flow water pump impeller all adopt the double suction impeller. Info of Double suction impeller: Material: C95400, C95800,...Read More

  • Open Impeller Castings

    Open Impeller Castings

    The open impeller only has blade and blade rib reinforcement. And the impeller has no front and rear blind flange ( less number of open impeller, 2 - 5 pieces ). Impeller efficiency is low, and its application is less, mainly for the conveying of higher viscosity liquid and...Read More

  • Multistage Pump Body

    Multistage Pump Body

    The top of the pump body is provided with an air exhaust hole ( irrigation hole ) for vacuumization or irrigation. An outlet is arranged at the bottom of the shell, and the square head bolt is used to plug the water. It uses to empty the ponding in the pump body after the...Read More

  • Butterfly Valves Casting

    Butterfly Valves Casting

    Butterfly valve body Valve body is a main part of the valve. There are different mechanical manufacturing methods according to the pressure grade. The definition of valve is a device used to control the direction, pressure, and flow of the fluid in the fluid system Choose...Read More

  • Water Pump Impellers

    Water Pump Impellers

    The shape and size of the water pump impeller are closely related to the pump performance. The water pump impeller can be divided into two types, including suction type and double suction type. The suction impeller is for unilateral suction, small flow water pump impellers...Read More

  • Single Suction Impellers

    Single Suction Impellers

    Basic of Single suction impeller: Material: C95800 Weight range: 5-600kg This material has the advantages of high wear resistance, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and this material product is widely used in chemical pump and marine pump. The material standard...Read More

  • Aluminium Bronze Pump Body Casting

    Aluminium Bronze Pump Body Casting

    The function of pump body: The pump body is composed of water suction chamber and pressurized water chamber. The inlet of the suction chamber and the outlet of the pressurized water chamber are the pump inlet flange and outlet flange, which are used to connect the inlet pipe...Read More

  • Water Pump Cover Casting

    Water Pump Cover Casting

    The casting is assembled with pump body Our pump cover are mainly used in pump & valve industries.We can provide many kinds of casting parts/stamping parts/machining parts and forging parts. 1. aluminum bronze casting, tin bronze tin bronze C95800, C95500, C83600,...Read More

  • Pump Cover Casting

    Pump Cover Casting

    Basic Info of pump cover Material: RG5 the material standard complies with EN1982:1998 Weight range: 10-600kg Product Description of RG5 Pump cover Wuxi Dongao Nonferrous Casting Co., Ltd. is a growing modernized production enterprise undertaking pressure-bearing sand...Read More