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Water Pump Installation
- Jan 22, 2017 -

1. geographical license conditions, pump should be as close to water as possible to reduce the length of the suction pipe.

Pump installation the Foundation should have a firm, fixed basis pumping station should be dedicated.

2. the pipes should be sealed and reliable, it must have a dedicated support, not hanging on the pump. Fitted with foot valve into the pipe, you should try to make perpendicular to the axis of the valve and the water level at the end of the installation, the axis and the angle between the horizontal plane shall be not less than 45 °. Water channel, foot valve should be higher than the bottom more than 0.50 meters, and screen preventing debris from entering the pump.

3. machines, pump base should be level, and the connection of the base should be solid. Machines, pumps, belt drive, driving side facing down, high transmission efficiency, the water pump impeller turn should be consistent with the direction of the arrow using coupling drive, machine, the pump must be coaxial.

4. pump installation location should meet the requirement allowed a high degree of vacuum suction on the base must be level, stable, ensure that the direction of rotation of power machinery and water pump rotating in the same direction.

5. If there is more than one unit in same room, between the unit and the unit, the distance between the unit and the wall is 800mm and above.

6. the pump and suction pipe must be sealed well and minimize the elbow and valve, filling the water should be drained when the air runtime tube should not accumulate air, require suction pipe joining presents oblique micro-pump intake, intake should have a certain degree of submergence depth.

7. pump based on reserved hole should be according to the dimensions of the pump casting.