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Tin Bronze Pump Casting Solution Transfer System
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The pure bronze in the process of making tin bronze pump body will have very good corrosion resistance in oxidizing acid medium such as nitric acid and acetic acid, so the bronze bronze pump body casting also has certain application in the chemical industry. In use, its products will have pure aluminum or aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity.


In the process of producing tin bronze bronze pump castings, it is placed on the heat exchange device used in its chemical production. During the operation, its power machinery requires parts with very good thermal conductivity, to a certain extent, such as its internal combustion engine. The cylinder heads, pistons, etc. are also suitable for use in aluminum alloys.


Bronze pump body castings are effectively produced to a certain extent by using their metal type and pressure casting methods, which can effectively improve the intrinsic quality, surface finish, and dimensional accuracy of the casting to a certain extent. The latent heat of solidification is large. Under the same weight conditions, the solidification process of aluminum liquid lasts much longer than cast steel and cast iron, and it has good fluidity, which is conducive to the casting of thin-walled and complex-structure castings.


Bronze pump body castings have a number of advantages to a certain extent, and to a certain extent, they can become the development direction of the foundry industry and one of the most popular casting products for the purchasing customers. In the future, with the progress of aluminum alloy casting technology, Will show his style on a larger stage. The shape size is very close to the part, reducing the amount of cutting, and is less cutting-free machining. The complex casting of aluminum castings is a new technology that focuses on the low-pressure casting technology of electromagnetic pumps, the composite cleaning technology of aluminum smelting and forming, and the core of the manufacturing industry, and produces modern technology for high-quality aluminum castings.


The solution transport system of the electromagnetic pump of tin-bronze pump body castings will have a stable flow to a certain extent. When the operation is in progress, the flow rate is very convenient in the control, so that the inverted suction of fused alumina and the ease of implementation can be achieved. The advantage is the use of automation of the process, which not only improves the casting quality of cast aluminum castings, but also improves the working environment. Reduce labor intensity, achieve automation and modern casting production.