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The Importance Of Packing In Valve Castings
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Packing seal is one of the key parts of the valve castings products, in order to achieve a good sealing effect, on the one hand is the material of the filler itself, the structure to adapt to the needs of the media conditions, on the other hand is a reasonable packing method and from the stuffing The structure to consider to ensure a reliable seal.

First, the filler itself requirements: 1, to reduce the friction on the stem of the friction; 2, to prevent the filler on the stem and stuffing box corrosion; 3, to meet the needs of media conditions.

Second, the commonly used filler varieties: because the information introduced for a variety of conditions under the conditions of more than 40 species, and the most commonly used in the valve castings, but several or more than a few.

1, packing type: A, rubber asbestos packing: XS250F, XS350F, XS450F, XS550F; B, oil asbestos Packing: YS450F, YS350F, YS450F; C, dip PTFE impregnation; D, flexible graphite Woven fabric: according to the different materials can be different temperature 300 ℃, 450 ℃, 600 ℃, 650 ℃; E, PTFE woven packing; F, semi-metal braided packing, with stainless steel wire, copper wire asbestos As a core. Appearance with a folder copper wire, stainless steel wire, Monel silk, Gu Kang nickel wire asbestos line weaving up. According to the use of its surface with graphite, mica, molybdenum disulfide lubricant treatment. And some to asbestos for the core, with a lubricated graphite coated with copper and platinum twisted from.

2, molding filler: molding filler that is pressed into the filler of its varieties are: rubber, nylon, filled with PTFE (reinforced PTFE) reinforced glass fiber, generally 8 to 15% glass fiber, PTFE Ethylene, flexible graphite ring.