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Relevant Preventive Measures For Problems In Die Casting Of Aluminum Castings
- May 08, 2018 -

In order to ensure the quality of the aluminum castings, a thorough and detailed inspection work must be done before the start of die casting to see if the liquid metal can flow cleanly and smoothly in the gating system, confirming that it will not cause separation and eddy currents; Check whether there are sharp corners or dead areas; inspection items that cannot be ignored include changes in the cross-sectional area of the gating system.


In the aluminum castings pressing process, if the large air volume has a direct impact on the porosity of aluminum castings, so in order to avoid similar problems, we must first select the dry, clean alloy material; at the same time, control the melting temperature, avoid overheating, degassing treatment . Of course, a reasonable selection of die casting process parameters must be used in order to fill, which is more conducive to cavity gas discharge; runners and runners have enough length to facilitate the smooth flow of alloy fluid and gas have the opportunity to discharge.


In addition, it is necessary to select a good coating for aluminum castings and control the amount of spray. For the aluminum castings, the cause of each defect comes from a number of different influencing factors, so in the actual production to be difficult, easy and complex to deal with.


For example, the first is to clean the parting surface, cavity, and ejector pin of the aluminum casting die casting mold; then, to improve the coating and spraying process; to increase the clamping force and to increase the amount of metal poured; then adjust the process parameters to include the injection force. , Injection speed, filling time, mold opening time, pouring temperature, mold temperature, etc.; Finally, select the high quality aluminum alloy ingot, change the proportion of new material and return material, and improve the melting process.


Based on this, many problems related to aluminum castings can be solved