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Influence Of Hot Sand And Temperature Control During Sand Casting
- May 15, 2018 -

A large part of the copper-aluminum castings are formed by the sand casting process. During this process, hot sand will have a great influence on the working results of the entire sand casting. Therefore, regardless of the temperature of the hot sand or other aspects, Make reasonable controls to ensure the quality of the entire casting.

Friends who have engaged in sand casting should all know that when the hot sand enters into the molding machine, there will be a loss of water, which will cause great changes in the performance of the hot sand in the entire equipment. It is bound to change. Sand casting has an impact. Therefore, when carrying out hot sand transportation, it is necessary to pay attention to this problem.

In the production of castings using the sand casting process, hot sand will also form a condensed state due to the influence of heat on the water, and this will also affect the overall sticking effect. In particular, if the hot sand evaporates as the water evaporates after its formation, the sand condensing on it will be on the sand core, so that the strength of the entire core will also decrease, which will affect the The quality of the entire casting.

The reason why it is necessary to strictly control the temperature of the hot sand in the sand casting is mainly because if the temperature cannot reach the control, it will cause great troubles to the sand casting of the whole clay wet type, and it will easily generate a lot of castings. Blowholes, sand blasting, or some other problem directly reduces the quality of sand casting.

Therefore, in the sand casting process, not only the delivery and preservation of hot sand should be noted, but also the temperature of the hot sand should be strictly controlled. In this way, the occurrence of sand casting problems can be reduced, thereby effectively reducing the formation of defects in the casting. Improve its overall quality.