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Import And Export Of Pumps And Piping Size
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Pump suction nozzle is generally faster than exports, because of the low suction pressure, the density of water flow slowly, in order to satisfy water balance requirements, and guarantees entrance has a certain pressure to prevent cavitation are generally large; the outlet flow speed, pipe flow, so I decided to connect the suction nozzle is greater than water. Small diameter suction resistance, to pump the medium, outlet pipe of small diameter to pump outlet pressure.

Centrifugal pump of import and export pipeline of tube diameter whether than pump itself import and export diameter increases, this problem also needed specific problem specific analysis, for most pump for, import and export pipeline diameter increases of purpose is reduced fluid in pipeline within of velocity, to reduced pipeline resistance drop, to eventually reduced pump of power consumption, but increases tube diameter is to increased pipeline investment costs for cost of, such, for pump export for long of pipeline can consider appropriate increases tube diameter, to reduced resistance drop, and for short distance of is can without consider And pump inlet transported materials are liquefied gases, temperatures near the boiling point, suction cavitation items more easily than lower, you should consider increasing the pump inlet pipe diameter to reduce resistance to avoid pump cavitation

Usually water pump suction inlet diameter is greater than the outlet diameter, depending on the pipe diameter suction pipe flow is different. Tube diameter is less than 250 of 1~1.2m/s diameter 250~1000, 1.2~1.6 m/s, from technical considerations, the maximum flow rate should not exceed 2.5~3.0 m/s, the minimum speed of not less than 0.6 m/s (to prevent deposition)