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How To Improve The Efficiency
- Jan 22, 2017 -

① improve the efficiency of the pump itself

② leaves to sucking entrance extends and reduction thin, makes liquid early by leaves role, can reduction leaflets round od, also can increased leaves road within streamlines of length, reduced relative diffusion; but extends to appropriate, too Qian stretch will makes into Et area had small, makes leaves entrance and leaves cover Board intersect of wall angle variable small, instead increased hydraulic friction loss, squeeze shrink imports flow road, on steam corrosion and efficiency are adverse.

③ adjacent Blade Runner between exporting and importing area ratio at 1. 0~1. In the range 3 to reduce diffusion loss. If the ratio is greater than l. 3, runner non serious inefficiency.

④ channel hydraulic radius of bigger is better, vane inlet close to the square as much as possible, to reduce friction loss, known by hydraulics, the ratio of cross section area and wetted perimeter is called the hydraulic RADIUS, the hydraulic radius of cross section area/wet week. Wetted perimeter is actually liquid with surface contact area is large, when when the approximate square into narrow rectangular channel cross section, in essence, is to let the liquid flows through the space in the narrow section, so resistance is inevitable.

⑤ due to the large curved diffuser hydraulic losses, but most slightly bent close to the line of the diffuser. ABM Ye Lai said that its imports of angles and the location in the circumferential direction, should be combined with liquid flowing in the diffuser out of the case may be, the principle is to form a continuous flow, avoid anti-missile Ye Liu Road, the entrance section is too narrow, or ABM vanes may cause eddy currents and impact damage.

⑥ pump, impeller inlet and prerotation (ABM outlet blade angle is less than 90. ), And the leaflet wheel imports relative speed, at the same time reduce the relative speed of diffusion, when ABM leaf angle selection is less than 90. Shi, before water enters the impeller produce the spin, you can. 1 ≠ 0.