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Factors Affecting Dimension Accuracy Of Valve Castings
- Sep 27, 2017 -

With the domestic valve castings enterprises to compete in the domestic market, the domestic casting enterprises greatly reduced the competitive advantage, in which case the market requirements of the domestic lost mold casting enterprises casting quality must be improved, in which the size of the missing die casting precision requirements more stringent. Signed here, the domestic valve castings business is imperative to do everything possible to improve the quality of domestic casting, casting to improve the dimensional accuracy.

In general, the factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of the casting are multifaceted, such as the structure, shape, size, impact of the quality of the foam, the influence of the coating coating, the molding process, and the influence of the casting process.

The pouring process is one of the most important parts in the valve castings process. The pouring system, casting speed, pouring temperature and pouring process are the key processes to improve the quality of the casting. Only by continuous improvement and continuous improvement can the casting process Precision high quality good castings.

Paint coating for casting accuracy also has a great impact on the coating performance, coating thickness can affect the size of the sample, thus affecting the casting size accuracy, so in casting, the paint should have good performance, sufficient strength, while coating The operation should be reasonable.

After analyzing the factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of the valve castings, the enterprise should start from these factors, each break, to achieve the purpose of improving the accuracy of casting.