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Emergency Drainage Pump Selection
- Jan 22, 2017 -

1. more sediment area, you can choose mix sewage pump (WQ)

This pump features a sewage pump anti-blocking and sewage capacity, has obvious advantages. This pump is based on the ordinary sewage pump with automatic mixing device, the device with the motor shaft rotates, producing strong mixing force and sewage pools in the sediment stirred into suspension, suction pump excluded. There is also a big advantage: compact structure, small volume, easy to move, easy installation, no need to build pumping stations, dived into the water pump works, but is in need of attention: this pump at the rated voltage is 380V, power frequency 50HZ applies.

2. water in smaller, places with clean water medium, you can choose a submersible pump

Such pumps of simple structure, small size, portability, and access to the fire hose, easy to install. Will pump into the water area can be used. Noteworthy are: submersible pump for sediment concentration in water is limited to 3%, when a large amount of silt, damaged seals, once the motor into the water, bearings and windings insulation damage, leading to burning.

3. water area, the medium is clear (not sludge where too much), you can use oil pump

Compared to oil pump submersible pump, water pump and more. It is characterized by the motor is filled with oil, mechanical seal with improved working conditions, less water enter the motor inside from the outside. Rapid heat conduction inside the motor out of the oil, cooling effect is good, the motor's temperature had dropped significantly, resulting in increased overload capacity of submersible electric pump. In addition, oil-filled submersible motor pump the bearings are immersed in oil, lubrication and cooling is guaranteed, so bearing service life longer than other types of submersible pumps.