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Effect Of Pouring Speed On The Quality Of Valve Castings
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Common casting time in the production that the casting speed, for the valve castings, the casting time is long, means that the pouring speed is slow, on the contrary, means that the casting speed. Appropriate pouring time, should be based on casting weight, wall thickness, structure, technical requirements and other considerations.

High pouring speed: the metal liquid can be filled with faster cavity. Can prevent insufficient pouring, reduce the oxidation of metal liquid, reduce the temperature difference between the various parts of the casting, so as to avoid cracking.

Pouring speed is too high: the cavity rinse force increased, easy to produce sand.

Pouring speed is low: can increase the valve castings parts of the temperature difference. Top pouring can make the casting shrinkage concentrated, conducive to fill.

The pouring speed is too low: the cavity is heated for a long time. Easy to make sand type tilt off. Easy to produce cracks, cold separation, slag and so on.

Principle requirements:

1. Thin walls, complex shapes or castings with large horizontal surfaces, require rapid casting.

2. Thick, simple shape of the casting, should take a slow pouring.