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Copper Ring Casting Process Requirements
- Apr 21, 2018 -

In the process of copper ring casting, various materials used for molding and core making are used in sand casting. In the process of preparation, the materials such as paint, core sand and molding sand can be used as modeling materials to some extent. The task of preparation of modeling materials is to select the appropriate raw sand, binder and auxiliary materials according to the requirements of their castings, their metal properties, and then mix them into a certain amount of sand and sand with certain properties. Core sand.

The core and casting of the copper ring casting are effective based on the process requirements of the casting, and in the process of determining the modeling method to a certain degree, the precision of the casting and the accuracy of the casting are performed on the basis of a certain degree of preparation of the modeling material. The economic effect of production and the process depends to a certain extent on this process. In many modern foundry workshops, modeling and making cores have been mechanized or automated.

After the copper ring casting is taken out of the cast-cooled mold, it will have its riser, metal burr, gate, and crevice, to a certain extent. To a certain extent, sand will adhere, so it must be cleaned. Process. The equipment that performs this kind of work includes grinding machine, shot blasting machine, pouring riser cutting machine and so on.

The copper ring casting process can be divided into three basic parts up to a certain degree. It mainly consists of casting preparation, casting processing and metal preparation. In the process of operation, it is mainly the metal material used for casting castings in casting production. It is an alloy composed of metal elements as the main component and added with other metal or non-metal elements. It is customarily called a casting alloy and mainly includes cast iron, cast steel and cast non-ferrous alloys.