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Copper Castings Treated By Corrosion And Wear
- May 17, 2018 -

Many mechanical parts use copper castings. When the equipment is used once in the production process, there will be a certain degree of wear on the surface of the copper castings. Some of these defects can be repaired, while others are not, so we must not only judge At the same time, we must also master the repair of copper castings.


If the copper casting is damaged due to corrosion, it can be repaired with a repair welding method if it is not severe. Parts such as copper castings must be repaired with brass. The corresponding material is not necessarily cast. The material matches.


Copper casting repair welding method is to weld the welding area before welding, remove oil, rust, oxide skin and other impurities; then partially or as a whole preheated to 250 ~ 450 degrees Celsius, and the powder is generally used powder 30i, Welding wire is usually selected silk 224 silicon brass wire.


When welding copper castings, the gas welding flame should use a slight oxidation flame or neutral flame. Pressure welding is generally used during the operation to reduce the overheating of the weld metal and to improve the weld formation. During operation, direct contact between the high-temperature flame core and the molten pool metal should be avoided as much as possible to avoid air pockets in the weld metal. In addition, it must be insulated slowly after welding to eliminate stress and improve performance.


If the copper casting has been grinded, or if the uneven wear is not serious, it can be ground with an emery cloth, and if the thickness permits, it can be used as a car light; or it can be restored to its original size by metal spraying. However, if the wear has exceeded the specified range, only new copper castings can be replaced if it cannot be repaired.