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Commonly Used Grades And Materials For Ductile Cast Iron Valve Clack Casting
- Apr 27, 2018 -

1. What is a flap? What are the commonly used grades of ductile cast iron valve clack casting?

Valve, one of the main core components of the valve. The medium withstands the pressure in the valve, so in the use of materials, the relevant requirements of the valve pressure and temperature class must be loaded.


The ductile cast iron disc, the medium to which it applies, is a medium with a PN of no more than 4 MPa and a temperature in the range of -30°C to 350°C, such as water, steam, air, and oil. Its commonly used grades are the QT400-15, QT450-10 and QT500-7.


2. What is the specific material of ductile iron?

The ductile iron in the spheroidal graphite cast iron flap is a high-strength cast iron material, which is close to the steel in terms of comprehensive performance, and its application is very extensive.