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Casting Performance Of Water Pump Castings
- May 26, 2017 -

When the Water Pump Castings is infiltrated, how should repair it?

Because the pump shell is more expensive materials, poor working conditions, more leakage parts, by simple welding is difficult to achieve the purpose. According to the size and location of the infiltration of trachoma, different types of cast iron infiltration agent can be used.

1. Through the test method to determine the specific parts of the workpiece leakage, and marked on the mark.

2. The pump shell on the electric oven or resistance furnace heated to 200 ~ 250 degrees Celsius, insulation 2h, to remove the microporous infiltration of water.

3. Surface treatment. With a steel brush to remove the surface of the oxide layer to be repaired, and then clean the banana water or acetone clean, dry.

4. dipping. With rubber mud in the required infiltration of the site to build a small circle, in order to ensure the concentration of glue, and then continue to glue to the circle, until filled with trachoma.

5. Sealing and curing. According to the above formula to deploy a good epoxy glue, smear on the end of the pores of the adhesive glue, room temperature curing 24h

Generally, in the case of the same carbon equivalent, increasing the ratio of silicon to carbon will increase the tendency of ferrite formation. However, for the thin-walled small pieces of submersible Water Pump Castings, the increase of the ratio of silicon to carbon, the tendency of ferrite in the organization Is not large, so it will not affect its strength.

(1) line shrinkage. The higher the formation temperature of the solid liquid skeleton, the earlier the start of the line shrinkage, the longer the contraction time, the greater the line shrinkage value. At the same carbon equivalent, the increase in the ratio of silicon to carbon increases the number of primary austenite and forms a solid skeleton earlier, resulting in an increase in line shrinkage. However, in the actual production, high carbon carbon than the cast iron carbon equivalent compared with the previous process is not very different, the impact of line contraction is also small, in practice did not find the reasons for the resulting waste.

(2) body contraction. The traditional process of cast iron and high silicon than iron compared to cast iron, carbon content is low, but the carbon equivalent is slightly higher, so this cast iron body contraction no significant difference. This feature has also been validated in production.

(3) section sensitivity. High silicon is less sensitive than cast iron, which is important for Water Pump Castings that are often subjected to impact.