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Aluminum Oil Pump Castings' Structural Design And Thermal Correction Method
- Jun 04, 2018 -

In the process of design, aluminum oil pump castings can effectively improve the structural design of its castings, effectively avoiding its sharp corners to a certain extent, and the wall thickness of the entire product is very uniform and smooth transition. It is mainly during operation. Take measures to increase sand concession.


To a certain extent, aluminum oil pump castings can ensure that all parts of the castings are solidified at the same time or are sequentially solidified. In the course of operation, the design of the pouring system can be improved, and the pouring temperature can be appropriately reduced to some extent, and the cast can be controlled when used. Type of cooling out of time.


Aluminum oil pump castings will effectively adopt thermal correction methods when they are deformed. When they are used, they can properly control the heat treatment temperature. This can effectively reduce the quenching cooling rate. After the anodic oxidation film is dyed, white spots are easily formed. Anodized film quality is difficult to guarantee. In this regard, the relevant experts said that the following methods can be used to avoid this problem: First, the use of high voltage and high current density impact method. In the initial stage of anodization, high voltage and large current surges are applied, so that the “islands” of the size that were originally divided by the impurities are connected by a large current impact to form a sheet. Second, the casting surface grinding method.


When the aluminum oil pump castings are polished, they can make the ground aluminum fill the gaps of the castings. In operation, they can play a role in connecting the bridges separated by impurities. Before the shot peening test, the author uses the method of knocking with a round head hammer. The original intention was to make the gap that obstructs the "islands" closed by tapping and to achieve the purpose of connecting into pieces. The result was remarkable. Using these methods can effectively prevent the occurrence of white spots after the anodized film of aluminum castings is dyed, thereby ensuring its quality.

The advantages of aluminum oil pump castings

1. Aluminum oil pump castings can produce complex-shaped parts when operating, and to a certain extent, especially complex internal cavity blanks.

2. The adaptability of aluminum oil pump castings is wide. During operation, the common metal materials in the industry can be cast, generally a few grams to several hundred tons.

3. The source of raw materials is extensive. Low prices. Scrap, scrap pieces, swarf

4. The density of aluminum oil pump castings is lower than that of cast iron and cast steel. When used, the strength of the aluminum oil pump castings will be relatively high. During operation, the aluminum alloy castings can be effectively used under the same load conditions, so that the weight of the structure can be reduced. Therefore, aluminum alloy castings have been widely used in aerospace industry, power machinery and transportation machinery manufacturing. Aluminum alloy has a good surface gloss, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water, so it has a wide range of uses in the manufacture of civilian utensils.