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What steps can be divided into the casting process of the water pump impeller?
- Oct 27, 2017 -

In addition to the pump cover of the water pump is the casting, the impeller also is. So, what the casting process of the pump impeller is? What should be noticed during the operation of each link in the casting process to ensure that the water pump impeller reaches the desired casting quality?
The first step of casting the water pump impeller is patternmaking. That is to make a wax pattern which has the exactly the same shape with the casting we need and a slightly larger size. The appropriate expansion of the size is mainly due to the metal and mold shrinkage. After the wax pattern is done, you can pour the fully molten mold into it, but it will also need cooling.
The second step is crusting, which is to daub a layer of fire-resistant coating on the surface of the wax pattern, and then sprinkle sand. After hardening for a period time, it will form a layer of fire-resistant shell, which provides the necessary foundation for the water pump impeller.
The third step is to put the wax patterns with fire-resistant shells into about 90-degree  hot water. After about 15 minutes, the wax will completely melt and rise to the surface, so we just take out the shells and wash them, and then naturally dry for a few hours. This is the unshell treatment of the water pump impeller casting.
The fourth step is baking, which will continuously bake the already formed shell  after washing and drying at about 860-degree high temperature for   two hours. This is the key to the entire pump impeller casting process. The temperature requirement is very high and it must be strictly controlled. Next there are casting, grinding and other processes, which are relatively simple. The water  pump impeller is made according to the above steps.