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What should be paid attention to when producing copper sleeve in copper and aluminum casting?
- May 31, 2017 -

Aluminum casting and casting process of other materials is basically the same, including a series of work material, heating, forming, cooling after forging, pickling and heat treatment, including any details do not in place, it will produce a variety of quality defects in the casting factory. Copper sleeve is a typical type of copper aluminum casting, which should be paid attention to in the process of casting?


Aluminum casting, usually will advance the calculation of related to the processing of castings, but due to the actual surface area of copper sleeve than the calculated surface area for many times, so the impact of electroplating current density is 3 higher than the general part time, pre plating is better than the general parts, it is possible to obtain the electroplating quality high quality.

In the pre plating process, even parts often shake the hanger together, in order to ensure the uniformity of coating color, appearance quality spots phenomenon affecting the coating prevent silver plating. There is also about the cleaning of each process, must be thorough, to prevent residual in the pores of the solution, affecting the next process, into the quality of the casting

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