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What measures should be taken to prevent the pollution of non-ferrous metal castings?
- Sep 23, 2017 -

 when it comes to nonferrous metal precision casting, which to a great extent is also will contain more metal or non metal impurities, as a result, the large extent is also lead to tissue loose or relatively high porosity, for nonferrous metal castings such processing in fact, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the film will be difficult to itself.
To prevent the appearance of these phenomena in non-ferrous metal precision casting, first of all, the way we should take is, in fact, the surface grinding method. Popular speaking, we should put down is polished aluminum mill has been filled into the gap, leaving part of the oxidation in this way, the large extent is also can make the gap is directly connected together, then, is to serve as a bridge for use.


Casting of non ferrous metals-High pressure pipe

Furthermore, in order to prevent the phenomenon of non-ferrous metal precision castings, we can also use the method of high voltage and high current density to impact. In fact, it is to the initial oxidation in the precision casting, directly on the use of electric shock, as a result, the great extent is to make has been part of the direct oxidation by electric shock then connected into pieces.
Of course, we can in fact is using surface shot peening method, on this point, in fact, that is to pay attention to should be used round hammer to hit the gap, at this time, we can in fact is by striking directly makes it closed, so that can reach even the purpose.
Finally, when we are using non-ferrous metal precision casting, if the anodic oxidation film dyeing phenomenon, the emergence of white spots and so on. Finally, the above method to a great extent, in fact is to help, but in fact is we should pay attention to the specific should use which way to avoid actually to produce problems, is also should look at the casting itself pollution degree

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