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What material does the pump impeller do? The quality is good and the cost is low
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Water pump impeller with compacted graphite iron will cost low.
Pump is to transport liquid, liquid can be lifted and discharged, is driven by the motor shaft drive impeller rotation in order to achieve. The more liquid transported, the selected pump impeller form and material are different. Pump impeller materials are: cast iron impeller, aluminum alloy impeller, brass impeller, stainless steel impeller, plastic impeller and other five categories. Neutral liquid generally with cast iron impeller can, oil to choose brass impeller, sanitary food grade fluid material should choose aluminum alloy impeller, stainless steel or plastic material. Corrosive liquid to more corrosive degree, choose brass impeller, stainless steel impeller, plastic impeller. Pump impeller has: closed, semi start, open three forms. Ordinary liquid without fiber can be used as closed impeller. On the contrary, a semi - start and an open impeller shall be considered to allow the passage of liquid

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