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What is the structural design principle of water pump precision casting?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Water pump precision casting need to follow certain principles in the process of structural design. First of all, it is aimed at the fair wall thickness of the casting. It is recommended that the thickness of the casting should be as thin as possible, that is, it can ensure that the molten metal has good mobility and avoids the cause of excessive shrinkage. Casting defects, such as shrinkage holes.


Secondly, it should ensure that the wall thickness of the precision casting of the pump is uniform, that is, the wall thickness of each part of the casting is fully cooled with a uniform cooling rate. Generally, the partition wall of the inner wall is thin and the surrounding walls should be thick. Mainly to reduce stress, deformation and cracking; to prevent shrinkage of hot sections.


When the water pump precision casting are connected in a transitional connection, structural rounding can be used, which helps to prevent the formation of hot joints, and can improve the stress distribution, avoid sand damage and generate blisters. When the walls or ribs in different directions of the casting are transferred, the metal accumulation (heat section) should be avoided, and the shrinkage cavities should be generated. It is recommended to use rounded corners, bevels, and tapered transitions to prevent stress concentration and cracking.