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What is the role of galvanizing the surface of ductile iron valve clack casting?
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Ductile iron is a kind of high-strength cast iron material. Its comprehensive performance is close to that of steel. It is based on its excellent performance and has been successfully used to cast some parts with high stress, high strength, toughness and wear resistance. Cast iron discs are included.


The test proves that the performance of nodular cast iron is close to carbon steel, but its casting performance is easy to form, the processing performance is better than cast steel, and it is more heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant than steel. Due to the presence of graphite, it also has good wear resistance, high vibration damping, low notch sensitivity and excellent cutting performance. In addition, its casting performance is superior to steel, so the casting method is usually used to make ductile iron discs.


The reason why the ductile iron disc can defeat other workpieces is the first choice for many occasions because of its strong pressure resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. The anti-corrosion performance is the galvanized layer from the surface of the product. When the electrochemical reaction of zinc and iron lags behind, a stable protective layer is formed on the surface of the ductile iron valve flap, which plays an active protective role on the product.


Moreover, when the galvanized layer on the ductile iron disc is in contact with the soil, the metal zinc gradually transforms into a compact, adherent, continuous zinc salt layer, which is an insoluble substance that can form at the damage. The protective layer is automatically repaired to ensure the integrity of the workpiece.