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What is the relationship between the properties and chemical composition of Aluminum alloy castings?
- Feb 04, 2019 -

The final properties of aluminum alloy castings are closely related to its chemical composition. The Al-Si alloy is in the vicinity of the eutectic composition and has good casting properties. It is similar to gray cast iron. The Al-Cu alloy is far away from the eutectic composition and has a large solidification temperature range. The casting performance is the worst.
In actual production, aluminum alloy castings have riser feeding, Al-Si alloys have a small solidification temperature range, high feeder feeding efficiency, and easy to obtain dense aluminum alloy castings; solidification temperature of other cast aluminum alloys The range is large, the riser feeding efficiency is low, and the casting compactness is poor. Aluminum alloy casting is extremely easy to inhale and oxidize, so the casting system must ensure that the aluminum liquid flows in quickly and smoothly, avoiding agitation.
All kinds of casting methods are applicable to aluminum alloy castings. When the production volume is small, sand casting can be used, and fine sand should be used for modeling; for important castings produced in large quantities, special casting is used, metal casting efficiency is high, and casting quality is good; Low pressure casting is suitable for water resistant die castings that require high density; pressure casting can be used for thin and complex small parts.