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what do the form of water pump impeller ?
- Mar 07, 2018 -

The water pump impeller is made of cast iron. The blades above the pump impeller will also play a major role, the shape and size of the pump impeller and pump performance are very closely related. Under normal circumstances, the pump impeller is divided into single suction type and double suction type. Single suction type impeller absorbs water unimpededly, and the small flow type pump impeller is often of this type.


Centrifugal pump impeller includes closed, the first half-open, after the semi-open, open the four forms. First of all, the closed impeller is composed of a blade, a front cover and a rear cover. Closed impeller efficiency is higher, the manufacturing difficulty is relatively large. Among the more used in centrifugal pumps. Suitable for conveying clean water, solution and other viscosity less particle-free cleaning liquid.


Semi-open pump impeller suitable for conveying liquid containing solid particles and fibers such as suspended solids. On the semi-open impeller manufacturing difficulty is relatively small, the cost is relatively low, the actual use of its adaptability will be relatively strong, in recent years the application of oil refining chemical applications gradually increased, and used to transport water and approximate Liquid water.


Open pump impeller, only the leaves and their stiffeners, there is no front and rear cover impeller. Open impeller blades less 2-5 pieces. Pump impeller efficiency is relatively low, the application is relatively small, mainly for the delivery of high viscosity liquid and slurry-like liquid. Centrifugal pump impeller blade is generally divided into the back-curved leaves. Leaves have a cylindrical shape and twist two.


Welding pump impeller developed in recent years, and in terms of these aspects, the actual application, when used for casting poor performance of metal materials, including iron and its alloys are more common, the manufacture of special chemical centrifugal pumps. Welding water pump impeller geometry and surface finish must also be superior to casting impeller, help to improve the efficiency of centrifugal pump equipment.