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What are the main advantages of flexible impeller pumps?
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Since the development of flexible vane pump, it has been used as a substitute for centrifugal pump in many industrial fields. Compared with centrifugal pump, it has obvious advantages in handling viscous fluid, so it is very popular with users. Welcome.

The key point of the flexible impeller pump conveying the viscous fluid is that the flow rate is proportional to the pump rotation speed. After the impeller rotates the eccentric cam, the volume of each unit cavity is reduced; when the inlet tube is used, the volume of the unit cavity increases to form a partial vacuum, and the atmosphere The fluid presses into the cavity. As the cavity passes through the outlet tube, the volume decreases and the fluid is forced out of the cavity into the outlet tube.

The main advantage of the flexible vane pump is that it can be installed in the most convenient position for certain special occasions, and does not need to be limited to the overflow side installed below the liquid level. It is therefore possible to install them in a safe position above the ground, thus avoiding the possibility of the pumps or pipes being tripped over or damaged by passing vehicles.


Another advantage is the configuration of the reservoir in the flexible impeller pump. The problem of not opening at the bottom can be solved by a simple hose connection at the top of the reservoir. In this way, the tank can be installed both on the ground and under the ground without installing an overflow port.

Easy initial use is also an important advantage of the flexible vane pump, especially when there are unskilled operators during start-up, because the initial and subsequent operation of the flexible vane pump only needs to be switched, there is no complicated start-up process, the pump Careful layout can greatly simplify the maintenance process.

Flexible vane pumps also have a large number of other characteristics that make them very suitable for use in the processing industry, such as the ability to deliver abrasive liquids without damage, and deliver liquids containing hard or soft particles without damage, and Ensure delivery efficiency.