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What are the links to be damaged during the production of copper aluminum castings?
- Jun 29, 2017 -

There are many damages to the copper aluminum casting mold, the most common form of which is crack and crack. The main cause of this problem is stress. What links do stress occur in the end?

First, mold processing and manufacturing links

If the production of mold blank in forging only guarantee the appearance size, and ignore the quality, will make the mold surface deformation and cracking. But also in the car, milling, planing and other finishing process also produces cutting stress, although this stress can be eliminated by intermediate annealing, but there will still be some impact. In addition, quenching, EDM and other processing will lead to stress.

Two, mold processing links

The molding will be after heat treatment, if improper heat treatment, will cause die cracking and premature retirement, especially with no quenching, quenching and tempering, then surface nitriding process, the problem will be more serious.

Three, casting production link

In the mold temperature, mold filling, mold opening and other technical impact, the mold will cause cracks for various reasons.

In short, anytime, anywhere may cause damage to the casting mold, so any link can not be taken lightly. In addition, Wuxi Dong'Ao Foundry Limited company has casting experts with rich experience and advanced casting technology and the level of ability, can provide excellent casting products for customers

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