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What are the factors affecting the dimensional accuracy of marine copper alloy castings?
- Nov 28, 2018 -

The dimensional accuracy of marine copper alloy castings is usually related to the casting layout, material, molding, shelling, roasting, pouring and other factors. Casting layout mainly refers to the wall thickness and tightening rate of the casting. The two are proportional to the dry, that is to say, if the wall thickness of the casting is large, then the tightening rate will be large, and vice versa.


The second is the material, which is mainly related to the carbon content in the copper alloy casting material. In general, the higher the carbon content, the smaller the line tightening rate, and vice versa. The third is to properly control the temperature of the wax during the molding process, which has a greater impact on the free tightening rate than on the blocked compaction rate. And the investment mold will be further tightened during the storage process.


In addition, the materials used in the shelling process of marine copper alloy castings also have certain effects, such as zircon sand, zircon powder, etc., but because of its small expansion coefficient, this aspect can be ignored. In addition, during the roasting process, this factor is negligible due to the small expansion coefficient of the shell.