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What are the differences between valve castings and forgings and how to distinguish them?
- Aug 04, 2017 -

[key] valve castings
[Abstract] valve castings, as the name suggests, is a casting obtained by casting process, and it is for valves, so it is called valve castings. Then, what specific understanding and understanding should we have for it? Below, will come to give specific answers, or let us through learning, to have a preliminary understanding.
1. valve castings and valve forgings, the two in the manufacturing process, what is the difference? Besides, are there any other differences?
Valve castings and valve forgings from their name point of view, they are the use of different manufacturing processes, the former is for casting, the latter is for forging. If, in particular, it is:
Castings are obtained by casting, which are generally cast in the mold as a whole, so the stress distribution is uniform, there is no limit in the direction of compression. The forging is forged, because it is in the same direction to suppress, therefore, the internal stress is directional. Therefore, the two in the performance of the product is also a difference, it is impossible.

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2. what are the main advantages of valve castings?
The advantages of valve castings, if summarized, are the following:
Through the casting process, you can get more complex shape of the valve, as well as the valve body structure and flow channel, can be irregular. Therefore, as long as it has a process guarantee, then it is not a problem to get a big bore valve body.
3. how to distinguish between valve castings and valve forgings?
The distinction between valve castings and valve forgings, in general, is as follows:
Distinguish one point: look at the valve shape, usually, the valve forging is relatively regular, and the valve casting, its appearance is relatively smooth, and it will use arc transition.
Distinguish point two: look at the logo, because the brand name of the materials used in these two processes is different. Therefore, for certain material identification, it must be for valve castings.
Distinguish point three: you can see the microstructure of the material, because the material is forged, its grain size is relatively small, and its distribution is relatively uniform. In the valve forgings, it is slightly worse. So you can judge by contrast.

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