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Water pump insufficient flow analysis and treatment method
- Jul 11, 2017 -

(1) insufficient flow.

Causes: lack of impact of water flow is the water pipe leakage, valve leakage; water plugging; water depth at the end of valve insufficiency; the water pump speed is too low; the impeller sealing ring or excessive wear; high water exceed the standard.

Treatment methods: check valve and water pipe, blocked the leak source; clean water inlet sludge or blockage; water depth at the end of valve must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the water inlet pipe, increase the water depth at the end of valve; check the power supply voltage, improve the pump speed, to replace the sealing ring or impeller; the installation of pumps to reduce or replace the high lift pump.

泵体 (2).png

Pump body casting parts

(2) power consumption is too large.

Cause: pump speed is too high; pump shaft bending or pump shaft and motor shaft misalignment or not parallel; selection of the pump head is not suitable; pump suction or sediment blockage; motor ball bearing damage.

Treatment methods: check the circuit voltage, reduce the pump speed; the relative position correction of pump shaft or adjust the pump and motor; appropriate lift pump; clean sediment or blockage; the replacement of ball bearing motor.

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