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water pump impellers repair methods
- Feb 09, 2018 -

water pump impellers repair methods

① test water quality of the pump, for inspection, the use of wells (recommended air compressors or other equipment), set the fence eaves and other measures to improve the water quality. To ensure that can effectively reduce the sediment concentration of water (the general provisions of the well water volume ratio should not exceed 0.02%) and debris content.

② raise or lift the pump faucet, water horn, leaving the sediment. Under normal circumstances, to leave the bottom of the well more than 1 meter distance is better, not less than 0.5 meters.

③ Open the pump body, check the seal ring clearance, the installation position and quality of the impeller (impeller positioning key is running, locking nut is off or loose and the impeller and the pump housing clearance meet the requirements, etc.) and Repair, adjust or replace as appropriate. Finally, reassemble the pump as required. In the assembly of the pump, we must ensure that the pump installation accuracy.

④ Open the pump body, check the impeller wear and fixed situation, the user needs to replace the wear-resistant impeller, to extend the life of the impeller.

⑤ Elimination of cavitation factors, to improve the anti-cavitation performance, and depending on the situation properly reduce the pump installation degree (to correctly calculate the pump installation height)