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Water pump castings by industry classification
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Oil pump, pump, chemical pump, metallurgy, mining, power pump, water pump, pump pump, food processing, pharmaceutical, brewing pump pump pump, pump, oil pump, textile and paper seasoning pump, pump, pump, chemical fertilizer pesticide, printing and dyeing, sugar, alcohol pump pump pump,

How to improve the solidification rate of precision steel castings

Precision steel casting technology is widely used in industry, and precision casting can achieve higher precision. Therefore, the casting can be processed less or without cutting. This method is similar to sand casting, that is, casting dies after metal casting and solidification, taking out castings. In the process of precision steel casting, we can use a lot of methods, but at the choice of time, according to the use of the environment and the use of materials to choose

General machining precision steel castings to meet certain processing conditions, the equipment can be awesome. Precision casting; high speed solidification method. Method for improving directional solidification rate. Different from the PD method, the heat insulation baffle is arranged at the lower part of the induction heating body, and a shell is added under the water cooling chassis, and the mechanism is pulled out, and the shell shape is gradually moved down along with the cooling bottom plate.

There are many advantages to the adoption of precision steel castings, which can speed up the processing and improve the work efficiency to a certain extent. Heat insulation block shelf is blocking the radiant heat of the inductor, so that the shell in the solidification zone in the zone under high temperature, and the solidification shell removed part of the area in the cold area, the heat conduction through the water-cooling plate removed part of heat by radiation to the surrounding radiation, thus the alloy solidification interface along the temperature the gradient of G value than the general PD method is improved by 2 times, the R value increased by nearly 4 times, casting quality and production efficiency are significantly. Yet, to obtain the blade directional solidification.

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