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Tin bronze pump cover castings production requirements and use characteristics
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Tin bronze pump cover casting in the process of making the main dispersion is to strengthen the tin bronze as raw material, the melt mold is mainly used to prepare a vacuum casting with high dimensional accuracy, in the use of high water pressure when the pump Casting, the entire casting system in the process of design needs to meet the requirements, with particular attention to the casting of the solidification of the temperature distribution will be greatly affected by the location of the runner.

Tin bronze pump cover casting thick hot section of the set of molten steel castings in the runner, in the production is required to thick part of the casting to fill and also need to pay attention to the thickness of the casting part of the heat balance, to a certain extent, reduce heat Stress, it is also necessary to effectively consider the overall shrinkage direction and shrinkage stress distribution of the casting line so that the shrinkage stress of the casting can be reduced.

Tin bronze pump cover castings used in the production of tin bronze solidification is between the volume and paste solidification, when the steel will become its dendritic crystal frame, in use will be solidified semi-solid metal segmentation Into a number of micro-melting pool and not connected, and cross-section, alloy liquid to fill the crystal parts, so that will make the branches of the small pieces of holes, the thick-walled castings will slowly solidify, Obviously.

泵盖 (2).png

bronze pump cover castings

Easy to breathe is the main features of tin bronze pump cover castings, even in the process of making pure copper will have a relatively large breathing and tin bronze suction has gone by no means, if the melting can not be comprehensive Cover, then the air will be absorbed in the gas, so the need for comprehensive coverage.

Tin bronze pump cover castings must be preheated before drying the charge, solvent, etc., which must not have moisture inside the material, and then effectively according to its zinc back to the charge and the order of copper to join the appropriate charge, need to ensure that once Added, can effectively prevent the oxidation of the problem.

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