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There are two key points in the casting process of nonferrous metals
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Through the understanding of non-ferrous metal casting, it is found that the difficulties and key points of this process are in the following two aspects. If they are well controlled, the non-ferrous metal castings can be basically formed smoothly. What exactly are the two aspects?

One is the formation and control of crystalline and solidification structures, and the other is the control of casting size accuracy and surface roughness. Because the liquid metal junctions, nucleation and growth, grain size, direction and shape and the solidification of the casting microstructure are closely related, so it will directly affect the physical properties and mechanical properties of castings, casting solidification control is designed to obtain the desired tissue. In order to accomplish this goal, we must have a comprehensive understanding and thorough study of its formation mechanism, formation process and influencing factors.


                                                                    Mechanical parts castings

With the development of technology, the requirements of casting dimension accuracy and appearance quality are becoming higher and higher, the purpose is to reduce material consumption, energy consumption, labor consumption, and improve the quality of internal and external products. However, in the actual operation process, the casting size accuracy and surface roughness will be affected by many factors and constraints, it is difficult to control. Since the casting is liquid forming, it is possible to adopt a forming method to make it close to the final shape and requirements of the parts.

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