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The working requirements and matters needing attention of the corrosion resistance of the single suction impeller
- Oct 11, 2017 -

In the liquid alloy of single suction impeller, the tin easily generates the hard and brittle inclusion SnO2, and the smelting should be completely deoxidized, so as to prevent the reduction of the mechanical properties of the alloy caused by the inclusion. The sensitivity to overheating and gas is very small, and it can be welded and brazed very well. It won't spark when hitting. It is nonmagnetic, cold-resistant and has very high abrasive resistance.

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The fluid power seal of the so-called SUB impeller refers to the installation of an open impeller in the opposite direction near the back of the rear cover of the impeller of the pump. When the pump works, the secondary impeller rotates with the main shaft of the pump, the liquid in the secondary impeller also rotates together, the liquid that rotates will produce a centrifugal force outward, which, on the one hand, countering the liquid flowing to the mechanical seal, reduces the pressure of the mechanical seal. On the other hand, to prevent the solid particles in the medium into the mechanical seal friction pair, reduce the wear of mechanical seal wear and prolong its service life.

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