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The working principle and advantages of butterfly valve body casting.
- Mar 31, 2018 -

In the process of using butterfly valve body castings, this valve mainly relies on rotary stem to drive the disc version to realize the opening and closing. In butterfly valve body castings, cylindrical channels in the disc disc around the axis of rotation, mainly is the rotating disc plate ninety degrees to do flow control, when the disc plate reaches ninety degrees when the valve is in the fully open position, at the same time can change the Angle of the disc plate to adjust the medium flow.

In practical application, the butterfly valve body casting is usually installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. Due to the lack of locking capability of valve body casting and stem itself, worm gear reducer is required for effective regulation of flow. After installing the device, it not only has the ability of self-locking, but also improves its operation performance, and realizes more accurate adjustment of medium flow.

In fact, when the butterfly valve body casting is fully open, the flow resistance is small, and sensitive flow control can be performed between 15 and 70 degrees. Therefore, the application of this valve is very common in the field of large diameter regulation. It should be noted that when choosing, it is necessary to consider the impact of pressure loss on the piping system, and also consider the strength of the dielectric pressure in the pipeline during the closure.

Because the structure length and height of butterfly valve body casting are relatively small, it can be opened or closed in a short time, and the colleague has good fluid control characteristics. When it is required to control flow, the most important is to choose the correct specifications and types so that they can work properly and effectively.

The advantages of butterfly valve body casting mainly include: 1. Convenient for opening and closing, quick saving, and frequent operation; 2. The butterfly valve body casting is simple in structure, small in shape, short in structure, small in size and light in weight, suitable for large diameter valves; 3. The mud can be transported, and the minimum amount of liquid is stored in the pipe; 4. Under low pressure, good sealing can be achieved.