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The transformation device and process technology of the check valve cover
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Check valve cover is reliable in quality and reasonable in price, with high quality after-sales service. The continuous improvement of the check valve cover quality management system and strong technical development team ensure that the check valve products are applicable to working conditions and have long service life and other characteristics.

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In general, high quality check valve suppliers will provide customers with model, information, size, advanced technology. The world 's largest public praise supplier of universal valve will provide high quality check valve products for customers at home and abroad.
The low-flow blocking check valve cover structure, which is technically characterized in that the lower surface of the valve cover is a concave circular arc surface. The concave arc surface extends in the outlet direction of the valve body and can be connected with the inner cavity streamline surface of the valve body, so that the valve flow channel formed by parts such as the inner surface of the valve body and the lower surface of the valve cover has streamline characteristics.
As a special-case pressure self-sealing valve cover applied to the valve cover, the utility model has the beneficial effects that the technical scheme is provided. The valve cavity is a streamlined cavity with low flow resistance, the flow of medium is more orderly, and the resistance coefficient is small, so that the product can meet the requirements of energy conservation and consumption reduction.

The transformation devices of a check valve cover include the valve cover, connecting rod and screw rod. Characterized in that a hole is drilled at the middle position of the radius of the valve cover, a screw rod is welded at the drilling position, a pin hole is arranged on the screw rod, and a hole is arranged at the corresponding position of the connecting rod. The hole of the valve cover is perpendicular to the bottom of the cover, the diameter of the screw rod is 12 - 16mm, and the diameter of the connecting rod is slightly larger than that of the valve cover. Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the advantages that the failure rate of the check valve is reduced, the damage problem of the centrifugal pump caused by the failure of the check valve is also reduced. The service life of the centrifugal pump is prolonged, the maintenance workload is reduced, and the spare part cost of the workshop is reduced.