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The scope of valve castings and whether they require radiographic inspection
- Aug 04, 2017 -

[key] valve body casting
[overview] the valve body, if it adopts the casting process, then its products are for the valve body castings. So, on this kind of casting, since the beginning of the article mentioned, which is to recognize and understand the Strike while the iron is hot., its so, also can let you have the learning content, and then, to broaden their knowledge.
1. which specifications of the body, the use of casting process? In addition, multi valve body casting, what are its materials?
In general, the medium and low pressure specifications of the valve body is to use casting process, and the middle and high pressure specifications of the valve body, is the use of forging process, therefore, on the question one, the answer is for the middle and low pressure specifications of the valve body. As for the multi valve body casting, its material, depending on whether the pressure required, is different. If there is a pressure requirement, cast steel is used, and if not, cast iron.
2., two box molding, is it suitable for body casting? And the large body castings, whether they must be radiographic inspection?
Two box molding, which is mainly used in some of the more complex shape of the casting production, therefore, the valve body casting, it can be adopted, and there is no problem. Therefore, on the question one, the answer is "fit".
Large pieces of valve castings, whether they are to be radiographic testing, it depends on the use of parts of the body, as well as its flow through what medium. If it is not an important part, or the medium density is relatively small, there is no need for radiographic testing; otherwise, it needs to be carried out.
The problem, as well as specific answers, I believe that as long as you study hard, can be a very good grasp, and thus, to increase the number of professional knowledge, and can also be on the valve body casting, a preliminary understanding and understanding, but not absolutely ignorant of, then, do not know how to use it, affect the use effect.

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