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The product introduction of water pump cover castings
- Mar 05, 2018 -

 Large water pump cover casting will be representative for the number of United States signs,and other signs that have same materials are equal.

   Large water pump cover casting includes stainless steel A351 CF3, CF3M, CF8, CF8M,and also including stainless steel ASTM A890 1A (CD4MCu), 2A (CE8MN), 3A (CD6MN), 4A (CD3MN), 5A, (CE3MN), 6A (CD3MWCuN), 1B (CD4MCuN) and other materials that single weight not exceeding 15 tons.

   The characteristics of large water pump casting: on its hardness it is very uniform, the hardness difference from the surface to the core does not exceed HRC2; this series of chromium-molybdenum alloy steel castings have a very good wear resistance and high toughness value; When entering the actual application, on its hardness it will in HRC33-43; Then, in fact, we actually have to pay attention to its impact toughness value that is maintained at AK ≥ 60J.

   The dimensional tolerance requirements of large water pump casting should reach GB / T 6414 CT12 and the casting in the processing time, we must pay attention to the need to switch to local production of special water glass and curing agent, in this regard, it not only reduces the costs but also improve the performance of sand, ameanwhile it can improve the quality of the mold, reducing the possibility of a variety of defects from the source.

   In addition to the above, the quality assurance of water pump cover casting is because our manufacturers will go to equipped with refining furnaces for producing water pump cover casting so that when these equipment get actually used , it is
inevitable to configure the Water pump cover casting with the corresponding chemical composition based on users' requirements.To a large extent, that is, we can achieve the required chemical composition and mechanical properties.