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The main characteristics of copper tube casting and corrosion resistance
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Copper tube casting has many advantages. The weight of the product is lighter and its thermal conductivity is better. When it is operated, its low-temperature strength is high. When it is used, it is often used for manufacturing heat exchange equipment. It is also used for the assembly of cryogenic piping in oxygen plants during operation. Copper tubes with a small diameter are often used for the delivery of pressurized liquids and piezometers used as instruments.

The products cast from copper pipes have a certain degree of sturdiness and corrosion resistance. To a certain extent, they have become the first choice for modern contractors to install water pipes, heating pipes and cooling pipes in all residential commercial houses. Because the copper tube is easy to process and connect, it can save the material and the total cost during installation, has good stability and reliability, and can save maintenance.

The brass cast copper is light to a certain extent. In the operation of a twisted pipe of the same internal diameter, the copper pipe does not require a ferrous metal thickness during the operation, and copper is used during the installation process. Pipes are less expensive to transport, easier to maintain, and take up less space. Copper can change shape. Because the copper tube can be bent and deformed.

Copper pipe castings are often used in tap water pipes when they are used. To a certain extent, heating pipes and cooling pipes can be used as mounting pipes and have a hard texture. They are not easily corroded during use, and are resistant to high temperatures and pressures. Such advantages can be used in different environments. Copper tubes combine the advantages of metal and non-metallic tubes, and they are the best connecting pipes in the cold and hot water systems.

The pressure resistance of copper pipe casting is several times or even several times of that of plastic pipe and aluminum plastic pipe to a certain extent. It can tolerate the highest water pressure in today's buildings to a certain extent, and it will be used in hot water environment. With the extension of the number of years, the pressure capacity of the plastic pipe is significantly reduced, and the mechanical properties of the copper pipe remain unchanged in all the temperature range, so the pressure resistance will not be reduced, and aging will not occur.