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The heat treatment process of Copper alloy aluminum bronze pump body casting
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Copper alloy aluminum bronze pump body casting process there are a lot of points and details need to pay attention to, in the process of heat treatment it is important to note that many matters, node heat treatment process of copper alloy pump body castings process generally includes three phases: cooling, heating, heat preservation and heat treatment methods including: annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering.

Copper alloy aluminum bronze pump body castings in production with its mechanical properties are different, so for the average shape is not too complicated, its wall thickness is not too thick is the most often used in cast steel node is fire, the shape is complex, easy to deformation and crack of cast steel nodes, adopts annealing is good.It is used for thick carbon steel castings and low alloy steel parts.The purpose of tempering is to eliminate the stress of cast steel joints and avoid deformation and cracking of steel joints.

Copper alloy pump body castings when use of the heat treatment temperature and time on the choice of is a key link, the main heat treatment temperature is an important standard of rationality monitoring heat treatment, the heat treatment will be in accordance with the provisions of the current national standard, most of the foundry production of alloy steel is produced by water toughening treatment rear acceptance.