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The executing agency and adjustment packing compression amount of the sluice valve cover
- Dec 16, 2017 -

The sluice valve cover cover is a part of a valve body assembly through which a spool connecting rod or rotary valve shaft moves. On a straight-through or angular valve body, it is a pressure-bearing part at one end of the valve body. The valve cover generally provides a method of mounting an executing agency on the valve body and receives a stuffing box.
On a typical straight-through cut-off valve and sluice valve, the valve cover is made of the same material as the valve body or an equivalent forging material. Because it is a pressure-bearing element, it is subjected to the same temperature and corrosive effects as the valve body.
The housing of the executing agency connecting piece for the sluice valve cover is not a pressure-bearing part, but is housed for safety and environmental purposes. On control valves equipped with cage or cage type valve internals, the valve cover provides load forces to prevent leakage between the valve cover and the valve body and between the seat ring and the valve body. Tightening the bolts between the valve body and valve cover tightens the flat gasket to seal the interface between the valve body and valve cover, tightens the spiral wound gasket at the top of the cage, and tightens the flat gasket below the seat ring to provide a seal between the seat ring and the valve body.
The valve cover also provides a centring cooperation for the cage, which further provides guidance to the spool to ensure proper centring cooperation between the spool connecting rod and the packing. As mentioned above, a common valve cover on a straight-through sluice valve and a cut-off valve contains packing. The packing is usually pressed by the packing gland, which is pressed in place by the flange above the support of the valve cover. Another method of holding the packing is to press the packing gland to a threaded gland.
This method is small in size and is often used for small control valves. However, users are always uneasy about threaded connections. Therefore, care should be taken when adjusting the packing compression amount while the control valve is operating. Most screw flange valve cover has a drilled and flush area on one side of the stuffing box. This open pore is plugged with a standard tube unless it is necessary to clean the valve body and bonnet with process fluid. In this case, this open pore can be used as a cleaning connection.