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The discussion on cavitation and protection of the water pump impeller
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Under the actual working conditions, due to the influence of various factors, the water pump impeller may occur cavitation after a period of time. One of the main factors is the vaporization of water, the so-called vaporization actually refers to the process of water from liquid to vapor. So why does this process have a bad effect on the water pump impeller?

the vaporization of water mainly depends on the temperature and pressure of the environment. In other words, only under certain pressure conditions, when the temperature reaches a certain degree, the water begins to vaporize. Similarly, under certain temperature conditions, when the pressure drops to a certain value, the water will also be vaporized. This pressure is the vaporization pressure of water at that temperature. If there is vaporization, what effect will it have on the water pump impeller?

In fact, after the vaporization phenomenon, there will be a large number of small bubbles mixed by the steam and gas. These bubbles will rupture with the flow of water from the low pressure area to the high pressure zone. Due to the pressure, they will burst. In this way, the water pump impeller will have a certain impact. As time passes, the impeller material will gradually form fatigue, eventually suffered damage, which is known as the phenomenon of cavitation.

So, if the water pump impeller is affected, how to repair it? The traditional methods used in the repair are mainly build-up welding or repair welding according to the cavitation conditions. However, this repair method will lead to the blades easily to be in the state of heat concentration, and may eventually produce cracks. Therefore, in view of this situation, it can be repaired by using the polymer composite material.
This method can not only improve the anti-cavitation performance of the water pump impeller, but also improve the overall performance of the pump body. At the same time, the material itself has good corrosion resistance, which provides greater protection for the water pump impeller. It also can make up for the vulnerability of corrosion, so as to improve the service life of the pump.