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The Characteristics and classification of tin bronze
- Apr 24, 2017 -

The Characteristics and classification of tin bronze

Characteristics:The solidification range of tin bronze, serious dendrite segregation; solidification is not easy to form the shrinkage, shrinkage is small; inverse segregation of tin ingot prone, serious when the ingot surface can be seen as white spots (8 phases), and even the emergence of tin rich particles, commonly known as tin Khan (tinsweat). Improvement of casting method and process conditions can reduce the inverse segregation degree; liquid alloy, tin easily generate SnO2 inclusions of hard and brittle, melting to fully prevent deoxidation, due to a decrease in the mechanical properties of the alloy caused by inclusions; sensitivity to overheating and gas is very small, good welding and brazing; no spark shocks. Non magnetic, cold resistant, and has extremely high wear resistance.


Classification: Industrial tin bronze is an important copper alloy used in industry. In order to improve the casting, mechanical and wear resistance, as well as to save tin, tin, bronze, phosphorus, zinc, lead and other elements of the alloy. The tin bronze can be divided into three types: tin phosphor bronze, tin zinc bronze and tin zinc lead.


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