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The casting process, structure and performance of the copper valve body
- Jul 27, 2017 -

It is understood that the copper valve is the main part of the valve, but it is also a typical casting, is made by precision casting process. Precisely because of this, the precise geometry of the copper valve does not require any internal processing, but also fully ensure the tightness of the valve.

In addition to the special casting process of copper body, from a structural point of view, it also uses high quality rubber as a whole on the inside and outside the plastic bag, and combined with the rubber vulcanization technology excellent, the copper body after vulcanization to ensure accurate geometry, and ensure that the rubber and firmly connected with the body itself, is not easy fall off,

Due to the internal copper body will also to non-toxic epoxy coating, so the inner and outer surface of copper body can be protected well, not prone to rust or corrosion phenomenon, not only to expand the entire range of application scope, also prolong the service life of the device.

The user in the selection of copper body, in addition to its own quality also can not ignore the property of parts, especially the copper body hardness value, because it is determined as an important indicator of the copper valve body casting, and is closely related to the processing quality of the copper body.


Right angle valve body castings

Usually the hardness values including two Brinell hardness and Rockwell hardness, the former is mainly used for the determination of castings, forgings, non-ferrous metal parts, hot rolling and annealing the hardness determination range is less than HB450; the latter is used for the determination of high hardness, high hardness is more than HRC67 material and surface hardness determination of.

Copper body also need through this index to measure the processing quality of it, if the hardness values of the measured results meet the requirements, the copper body is qualified, can be applied to the valve and has a long service life.

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