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The casting method of copper castings
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Casting method of copper casting, first to metal smelting, and then directly poured into the mold to when the metal liquid is cooled and solidified to form we need size and shape, we can take this process is called casting process, but the process for copper casting, there are many we need to pay special attention to the.
First, when casting copper alloys, they must be cast in the form of a metal mold, because this method is beneficial to solidification of the alloy and can effectively improve the quality of the copper castings. Most importantly, it can effectively avoid casting defects, which is the most critical step for the entire copper casting. If it is necessary to subdivide the grain of the metal, it is better to build the pores and enhance the tightness of the alloy.


                                                                      Impeller castings

But if more of the copper alloy containing lead, small advice is the most effective way of casting metal type, can effectively avoid the copper component appeared on the situation, and in copper alloy parts, more so, is the best way you can use the centrifugal casting, copper casting some relatively large type. The best way is the most effective low pressure casting, copper castings of the density increase.

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