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The application of pump cover and the processing sequence of production process
- Jul 27, 2017 -

The pump cover is one of important parts of the pump, to the important role of the pump use, from a structural point of view, the pump cover and the shell body is provided with a gear of a gear tooth number and the modulus of the same gear equipped with end cover; the gear tooth top and the shell surface and the gear side and end cover between the gap is very small, so in order to form a sealed volume two.

Only when the pump is in the pump to maintain the correct location of each other, but also with good sealing, as well as sufficient strength and stiffness, to ensure that the pump has a longer service life. In order to achieve these, the pump cover of the process and processing steps should be designed reasonable.

In order to make the cover of the pump can be smoothly formed, the first step is to choose the machinability of good material, and then according to the blank material is cast; two gear pump cover on the second hole center line has coaxial requirements, but also to ensure the processing precision, processing arrangement should be rough and finishing.


                         Water pump cover casting

In the process of processing the pump cover, the processing order must not be confused, should follow the benchmark, other first, after the first fine, the first main, after the first, the first face, after the hole and other principles. In particular, the heat treatment process of the pump cover, in order to improve the material cutting performance and eliminate the internal stress of the blank, the blank of the pump cover needs to be normalized after the metal mold casting.

After the roughing is completed, followed by quenching and tempering treatment, and then finishing; as to improve the mechanical properties of the pump cover material, quenching treatment, so that the pump cap can achieve higher hardness and wear resistance. The entire process of pump cover, the associated auxiliary processes are also important, must not be ignored.

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