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The analysis of the abrasive cause of the non-ferrous metal precision casting
- Oct 20, 2017 -

In practical applications, there may be some careful user friends will find that in some cases, non-ferrous metal precision castings will appear the abrasion. how can it be? If you are interested in this issue, then explore the secret with us.
In fact, the abrasion problem of non-ferrous metal precision castings can be summarized into three factors. The first is that when it is in full contact with the material, it will be affected by the impact force and the scour. As time rolled by, it will naturally produce a certain degree of abrasion. It will lead to the appearance and pointedness of the edges gradually into a smooth circular arc in the serious condition.
The second possibility is that when the non-ferrous precision casting has just been put into production, the surface and the pointedness positions on both sides are intact. However, it will be hit by a certain impact force. Usually the impact force mainly impacts the surface of the casting as the positive force, as time passes, it will cause deformation and concave-convex.
However, when the abrasion appears, the force on the surface of the non-ferrous metal precision casting will also be decomposed in the direction. The last factor to consider is that the reverse force will have a certain impact on the casting. The tangential force will produce a certain cutting force on the casting, which will affect the production efficiency, leading to the extension of production cycle.
It can be seen that if the acting force of the non-ferrous metal precision casting transfers, or the abrasion is changed, it means that the service life of the non-ferrous metal precision casting is over. So in the practical application, we need to pay attention to the factors in these aspects, to extend its service life as much as possible.

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