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The analysis of four structural forms of the water pump impeller
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The water pump impeller mainly includes the closed type, the front semi-open type, the rear semi-open type and the open type. So, what are the characteristics of these different structural forms?

First of all, let's learn about the performance characteristics of the water pump impeller with a closed structure. On the whole, the main components included are the front and rear cover of the blade. This kind of impeller can achieve high efficiency, but its manufacturing is more difficult. It is commonly used in centrifugal pump products, which is used to transport clean water, solution with low viscosity and other cleaning fluid without granules.

What is the characteristics of the water pump impeller with the front semi-open structure in the practical application? In fact, in the working, its efficiency is relatively low, in order to improve work efficiency, it also needs to match with adjustable clearance of the sealing ring together. Its main advantage is that the impeller manufacturing is difficult, the cost is low and the adaptability is good. At present, in the practical application, it is used in the transportation of clean water and liquid which is approximate to the clean water.

In comparison, the water pump impeller with open architecture is relatively simple. And the number of impeller blades is relatively small. Because the working efficiency is not ideal and the practical applications are fewer, it is mainly for conveying the liquid with high viscosity and syrupy liquid.

Finally, there is a water pump impeller with rear semi-open type. When producing this impeller, in the welding process, its geometric accuracy and surface finish are better than the casting impeller. So in practical application, it can ensure the efficiency of the centrifugal pump.