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Technical points of copper casting welding
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Each copper casting is need cold, what is the key that cold? Let's follow me to find out.
1. low heat input, realize cold welding, does not change the metal organization condition, does not affect the machining performance.
2. metallurgical combination, gas protection, good tightness, high welding strength.
3., welding precision is high, as long as the pen point can touch the place can be repaired, welding position is accurate, welding point is small, small amount of welding after finishing.
4. electrode has a wide range of sources, is economical and practical, has simple operation, high work efficiency and can be repaired online.

Tin bronze valve clack castings


                                                    Tin bronze valve clack castings

5. pure metal repair, no welding traces, welding effect to meet the quality inspection standards.
6. applies to nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, and almost all conductive metals.
7. a multi-purpose machine, deposition, surfacing, surface strengthening and other functions. Environmental protection, no pollution during the process.
I hope the above will help you and look forward to working with clients all over the world!

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