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Shipping valve body casting requirements
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Cut-off valve body casting is a very widely used valve, in the opening and closing process, the friction between the sealing surface is small, more durable, the opening height is not big. By comparison, the valve body casting is easy to make and easy to maintain, not only for medium and low pressure, but also for high pressure.

shipping valve body casting preparation:

Shipment preparation mainly refers to the packing of the cut-off valve body casting. Remember, the packing should be able to prevent any damage to the valve during transportation and storage. Also note that the valve disc of the valve body should be closed at first when packing. In addition, the threaded end of the valve flange sealing surface welding groove/should wear suitable protective grease (with the exception of stainless steel material), and both ends of the valve should be reliably solid wood, wood fiber or plastic end cover with internal protective connecting end face and valves.

Secondly, if the electric device is packaged to the valve body casting, it needs to be carefully secured to ensure that the electric device does not damage the wooden case/crate. The form of packaging needs to be indicated in the order so that it can be safely transported to the destination and to ensure preservation before installation.

Lifting requirements for the body casting of the valve body:

If it is a well-packed cut-off valve body casting, the crate is loaded with forklift. The wooden case is arranged at its center of gravity to load and unload. If the case has been opened, the hoisting of these valves shall take appropriate measures and measures such as loading and unloading of the pallet, and the processing surface shall be prevented from being damaged.

Also note: all equipment used for lifting the cut-off valve body parts should be fit enough to withstand the weight of the valve. The hoisting must be operated by qualified personnel. Safety should be noted in the process of lifting off valve body casting, according to relevant local regulations.